Academic alliances

Alfen works together in various ways with regional schools and technical colleges of further education. These include the Buitenhout College, the Flevoland ROC, the Amsterdam ROC, Windesheim and the TU Delft.

Would you also like your school to have a guided tour, or to take part in a lesson as our guest? If so, please contact our corporate recruiter Janine Keizerweerd.

Open House

Whenever possible, Alfen attends the open days hosted by various regional training centres. This could be at a Dutch vmbo, mbo or hbo as well as at technical universities located all around the country.

Guided tours / guest lessons

Alfen is proud to open its doors for guided tours, because we consider quality technical training to be of the utmost importance. This is to give you an impression of what working in electrical engineering in general and at Alfen in particular is all about.

Alongside the guided tour, we bring you into contact with a practical assignment, so that prospective trainees can get the feel of work. We do this every year for the Buitenhout College and the Hilversum ROC. We also make a guest lecturer on location available.

TU Delft: Creative Facilitation

In February 2019, Alfen welcomed students of the Industrial Design Engineering faculty of the TU Delft. They are all following the Creative Facilitation module, in which they learn how to lead creative sessions. During the final day of this module, the students enjoyed breakfast and a word of welcome on behalf of the Management Board before embarking on eight challenges set out by Alfen's three business lines.

Alfen employees were on hand during the sessions as 'problem owners' to provide context and to ensure that the outcome of each session was also useful to Alfen. The concepts presented at the end of the day varied from short-term practical applications to inspiring visions for the future. A successful day with exciting new insights for all involved.


Serge Kraaijeveld

Accountmanager Service a.i.