Mobile storage with integrated ultra-fast charging solution

  • Energy storage
  • BMW
  • Germany
  • 2018

Alfen supplied an integrated energy storage solution to one of BMW AG's test sites in Munich, Germany, and thereby enabled ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles.

Alfen equipped the 1.1MW energy storage system with an ultra-fast charger for the BMW Group's EV prototypes.

The storage system is fitted with 34 BMW i3 car batteries and ensures the maximum available power for the charging of EVs, irrespective of the capacity of the local electricity grid. One of the benefits of BMW i batteries is that they make the system transportable.

This provides maximum flexibility for the future to relocate the system to a location where a back-up for fast charging electric vehicles is necessary. It anticipates the increasing challenge of controlled fast charging of electric vehicles in relation to the available grid capacity.

Alfen also signed an agreement with BMW AG to purchase BMW i3 car batteries for other storage projects.