Meet Cihan

Who can best tell you what it's like to work at Alfen? Our own colleagues, of course. This time we ask Cihan to elaborate a little on his job at Alfen. Cihan started at Alfen as an assembler for our charging stations and worked his way up to supervisor of one of our production lines. A good example of the advancement opportunities Alfen offers its employees.

How did you join Alfen and what was your first impression?

"Before joining Alfen in 2019, I worked at DPG media as a transportation coordinator. After two years, I was ready for another challenge. My father-in-law was working for Alfen at the time and recommended me for a position within the cargo pallet division. Thus began my Alfen adventure. What has stayed with me at Alfen is the big move. The new building on Hefbrugweg in Almere is many times larger than the former premises. This allows you to see with your own eyes how Alfen has grown and it makes me feel good to be part of this."

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How would you describe the culture and atmosphere within Alfen?

"People from many different cultures work at Alfen. Because of this, my job has a very international character and we communicate a lot in English within our department. The workload I experience within my position is not too high. I did experience this in previous jobs, which often resulted in sloppiness. At Alfen you get a lot of space to show yourself. If you say or issue something once that has a positive impact, you get the appreciation for it. "

What does an average workday at Alfen look like?

"At Alfen, various charging stations are made, including models such as the Eve Single, Eve Double and Twin charging stations. Together with three other supervisors, I am responsible for Alfen's Eve Single line, which is a charging station that you can connect 1 car to. Above me and my colleagues are two team leaders. On a daily basis, I discuss targets with them and together we make sure they are met. My main task within the overall assembly process is to make sure the lines function optimally."

What are the relationships within the team and what goes on within the department?

"One of the points that makes Alfen strong as an employer is that a large proportion of employees enjoy coming to work. In fact, before joining Alfen, I worked for several employers where I did not enjoy going to work. Because I find the working atmosphere so important, I make sure that everyone on the team is enjoying themselves. In the morning, I wish everyone a good morning and check in with my team members . I want everyone to feel seen, which makes for a nice working atmosphere."

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