Meet D'Angelo

Who can best tell you what it's like to work at Alfen? Our own colleagues, of course. This time we ask D'Angelo to tell us something about himself and his job at Alfen. D'Angelo started at Alfen within the Alfen Academy where he had the opportunity to train as an electrician. He has been building Alfen transformer stations for a few years now, from simplified to very complex. D'Angelo has already made considerable strides, but is learning more every day.

How did you end up at Alfen and what was your first impression?

"I have been extremely excited and curious from the beginning of the BBL program within the Alfen Academy. I was mainly curious about what the class would be like and where we would all go together. For example, I wondered with whom I would have a good connection and what the mutual relationships would be like. It soon became apparent that I was part of a hugely competitive class, where everyone was striving to get the highest grades. We worked well together and also received guidance from the teacher in this. Besides being peers, you also become close with classmates, although at first you may not have expected to have common ground at all."

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How would you describe the culture and atmosphere within Alfen?

"There are people working within Alfen with a huge variety of cultures and backgrounds. At Alfen, in addition to native Dutch, Sirians, Turks, Moroccans, Antilleans, Surinamese, Bulgarians, Poles, Romanians, Eritreans, Sudanese, Filipinos and people of other origins work together in harmony. I have become friends with many colleagues, despite the difference in origin and the language barrier. It is therefore great fun to get to know different cultures and have fun together. That is also what Alfen stands for. The harmony and working together with the same goal".

What does an average workday at Alfen look like?

"An average workday starts with dividing the tasks for the day. Then we collectively start working on the transformer stations. The first mechanic ensures that all colleagues have materials to work on the transformer stations. The transformer station is wheeled into the production hall and prepared for assembly. Then we all work together to install the frames, ring grounding, switches, cables, the transformer, lighting, and the low-voltage rack. Finally, the doors for the transformer station are installed and the station is inspected. We work within the department with weekly targets, depending on your position within the entire assembly."

What are the relationships within the team and what takes place within the department?

"The department consists of team leaders, electricians and controllers. The controllers are the people you can go to for help with the transformer stations you work on. They regularly walk around and you can ask them questions about the specific stations. I fill the position of electrician and am able to assemble all the components within the station. I am a real team player, as are many others within our department. There is a tendency among the mechanics to help each other and give explanations where necessary, in the language that person is comfortable with. I myself like to be prepared to work as efficiently as possible. In doing so, I make a good contribution to the whole team".

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