Meet René

Who can best tell you what it's like to work at Alfen? Our own colleagues, of course. This time we ask René to tell us something about himself and his job at Alfen. René recently started as lead engineer for our software testing department. A move he wouldn't have made before, but the enthusiasm among the employees made him decide otherwise.

How did you end up at Alfen and what was your first impression?

"I approached myself via LinkedIn for the vacancy of team leader for the software department. From the initial interviews, it was clear from both sides that there was no match for this position. However, it didn't stop there. The team leader of the software department called me later because he saw potential in me for the position of lead engineer in the testing department. At first, this was not what I was thinking of as the next step in my career. Because of the enormous enthusiasm the team leader brought with him, the culture he described and the challenges within the position, I went for an initial interview anyway. In particular, their enthusiasm and passion won me over."

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How would you describe the culture and atmosphere within Alfen?

"In my first working week, I immediately noticed how approachable and helpful everyone within Alfen is. If I asked a question, I immediately got a detailed explanation which made everything clear to me immediately. The atmosphere within Alfen is informal and positive. Very rarely do you hear anyone complain about the company and the work, which makes it a very pleasant working environment."

What does an average workday at Alfen look like?

"For the first few months of my employment, I was mainly busy getting to know the product and analyzing what was going on in the testing area. Right now, I'm mainly working on developing an automated test framework for energy storage systems. This involves further automating the testing processes so that we can work more efficiently. On a day-to-day basis, however, I work on all of Alfen's product groups. I spend a lot of time writing scripts in python, designing tests and setting up test systems. The work is very varied and there is plenty of variety."

What are the relationships like within the team and what goes on within the department?

"Alfen has grown rapidly in recent years, so there is a tremendous amount and fast change. In my position as team lead of the testing department, the challenge here is to ensure that we follow and improve the formal testing process of the products. With the ultimate goal of being able to guarantee quality. All this in a pleasant working atmosphere in which everyone has a free role."

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