Meet Robin

Who can best tell you what it's like to work at Alfen? Our own colleagues, of course. This time we ask Robin to tell us something about himself and his job at Alfen. As a supply chain engineer, Robin is part of the supply chain department within the cargo pallet division. Together with his fellow engineers, he ensures an optimal supply chain process for the load-pallet division.

How did you end up at Alfen and what was your first impression?

"When you yourself are heavily involved in sustainability and are focused on the future, surely there is nothing you want more than to work for a company that is in the middle of the energy transition? That's how I ended up at Alfen! I've always been focused on sustainability topics and sustainable energy, so Alfen was a logical choice for me. I studied supply chain management myself, so the option of supply chain engineer for Alfen's load-pallet division was right up my alley. I have been well received from moment one and am in a tremendous place at Alfen and in the department."

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How would you describe the culture and atmosphere within Alfen?

"At Alfen we are growing very fast, within all business units and departments. This enormous growth also means that we have to move quickly within the departments, be pragmatic and sometimes make risky choices regarding the supply chain process. The great thing about Alfen is that we put our shoulders to the wheel throughout the organisation and seek out a lot of collaboration. Because everyone within Alfen is very willing to work together, we get a lot done. I therefore also see working together as the anchor of Alfen's growth and success."

What does an average workday at Alfen look like?

"In the position of supply chain engineer for the cargo pallet division, I am involved in managing the entire supply chain process on a day-to-day basis. I ensure that the supply in both the long, and short term, meets the needs of the market and the organization. Within this process I link with various departments and suppliers and deal with issues such as process standardization, increasing material availability, reducing production time and dual sourcing among suppliers."

What are the relationships like within the team and what takes place within the department?

"Within the supply chain team of the charging pole division, each colleague is responsible for a specific number of items needed to produce and assemble a charging pole. Since we assemble different charging pole types, there is a clear division here. We often seek cooperation within the team, which is very important, for example, during new product introductions. In this way we try to organize an optimal supply chain process and learn from each other where necessary! In addition, we also have room for a joke or a serious conversation".

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