Meet Miguel

Who can tell best what it's like to work at Alfen? Our own colleagues, of course. This time we ask Miguel to tell us something about himself and his job at Alfen. Miguel is one of the project engineers for the energy storage systems. In his role, he is responsible for monitoring energy storage projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

How did you end up at Alfen and what was your first impression?

"I have always liked companies with an international image. When starting at Alfen, it has therefore been a great surprise that my team, consisting of seven people, had seven different nationalities! It’s very enriching to work in an environment with colleagues from which you can learn enormously about different cultures, but also about different industries and points of view. And this is celebrated at all levels. For example, my boss is now learning spanish and my business unit manager loves to learn from me what to do when he goes to his summer house in Spain. Besides the cultural aspect, in my first introductory working week everyone was involving me in the different activities, seminars and presentations. It may not have had a direct impact on my job, but everyone wants to make you participate in their working goals at Alfen".

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How would you describe the culture and atmosphere within Alfen?

"At Alfen there is an really inclusive and open atmosphere. It’s crucial to know not only your direct colleagues, but everyone involved in the same kind of projects. I truly believe that everyone can do a better job when you are aware of the goals and struggles of all those involved. Knowing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, people can get advice from the experts, and improve constantly. The great communication within Alfen does contribute greatly to the processes”.

What does an average day at Alfen look like?

"As an project engineer, you will have all the power and resources to make your project run successfully. For that matter, you will need to interact a lot with designers, technical specialists, suppliers and customers. Common activities within my job are reviewing a design from the draftsman, finding an alternative for an out of stock piece and aligning expectations with the client in the same morning. At the same time, your colleagues and supervisor will be available when you need a piece of advice or time to focus working on a solution”.

How are the interrelations within the team and what is happening within the department?

"It is all about collaboration. Me and my colleagues are responsible for different projects, but we help each other out, share knowledge and celebrate each other’s success. Alfen also puts the focus on constantly improving the relation between departments that work close together. Think of departments as project engineering, project management and work preparation. These different departments sit close to each other in order to build a professional and healthy working relationship".

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