15 september 2022

Alfen share will be included in STOXX Europe 600 Index

ALMERE, THE NETHERLANDS  - Alfen N.V. (AEX: ALFEN), specialist in energy solutions for the future, today announced that the Alfen share will be included in the STOXX Europe 600 Index effective at the start of trading on September 19, 2022. Quontigo (owner of index provider STOXX) announced this change following its quarterly review on September 1. Inclusion in the index is based on Alfen’s free-float adjusted market capitalization and liquidity.

The STOXX Europe 600 Index is one of the largest indices in Europe, covering 90% of free-floated market capitalization in European markets. With a fixed number of 600 components, the STOXX Europe 600 Index represents large, mid and small capitalization companies across 17 countries of the European region. The composition of the index is reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Alfen’s management welcomes the inclusion in this index, which will have a positive effect on the share’s visibility and liquidity.

Jeroen van Rossen, CFO of Alfen, commented:We are proud to be included in the STOXX Europe 600 index. The profitable growth model we have executed upon since our IPO in 2018 has led us to this milestone. We are confident that inclusion in this index will further increase shareholder interest in our stock.

About Alfen

Netherlands-based Alfen is operating internationally in the heart of the energy transition, as a specialist in energy solutions for the future. With 85-years history, Alfen has a unique combination of activities. Alfen designs, develops and produces smart grids, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging equipment and combines these in integrated solutions to address the electricity challenges of its clients. Alfen has a market leading position in the Netherlands and experiences fast international growth benefitting from its first mover advantage. For further information see Alfen’s website at: www.alfen.com.