Alfen charging stations as the solution for sustainable technology

  • EV charging
  • Western Power Distribution
  • 2018

Alfen supplied smart charging stations for electric vehicles to the LV Connect & Manage project of Western Power Distribution. The objective of the LV Connect & Manage project was to offer solutions for faster and easier connection of sustainable technologies such as charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The pilot brought the latest developments in the field of charging technology for electric vehicles to approximately 50 households in the United Kingdom. During the pilot, the local transformer substation communicated directly with the charging stations. Once the local grid almost reached the maximum capacity, a signal was transmitted to the charging station to reduce the charging speed. As the demand for electricity decreased, the charging speed could once again pick up.

The project included around 50 chargers for households in the West Bridgford region of Nottingham and lasted 18 months. At the end of the project the results were shared with the industry and stakeholders during congresses such as the Low Carbon Networks &Innovation Conference of the Energy Network Association and events such as Western Power Distribution's Balancing Act conference.