Efficient truss-based charging Infrastructure implementation for MOIA's

  • EV charging
  • MOIA
  • Hamburg, Germany

Project name:

MOIA Project

Business unit involved:

Alfen charging equipment


Hamburg, Germany

Customer market:

Passenger transport

Project description

MOIA operates a fleet of several hundred electric vehicles as a "ride-sharing" service. These are regularly charged in the company's own depots during both operating and rest times.

The task for our sales partner Parkstrom consisted of setting up an efficient and effective charging infrastructure in a depot hall, taking into account capacity limits and the highest possible operational safety.


An important part of the planning process was the design of a truss system under the hall ceiling and the cable management system required for this. This ensures easy access to the plug and eliminates the risk of collision between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure.


From planning to commissioning took less than 6 months. A total of 82 Alfen Eve Single Pro-line with attached cable were installed in the Stellingen depot to ensure the highest reliability in operation. 

A small part of the total quantity was mounted on the outside wall as a wallbox.

The majority were ceiling-mounted on trusses. By using a cable unwinding system, it was possible to ensure that neither charging stations nor plugs could be hit. Simply plugging in the cable is sufficient to start the charging process without the need for authorisation by the driver.

To control the many charging processes within the available network capacities, the charging stations are balanced via Alfen Smart Charging Networks.
A Chargepoint Management System takes care of the administration and analysis of charging stations and charging processes.