03 May 2022

DSG strengthens position in energy transition with purchase of seven Alfen energy storage systems

DSG (Agreco Products), a Dutch energy company specialised in the realisation of large-scale solar power projects, is purchasing seven Alfen energy storage systems. It concerns 3 stationary systems with an energy capacity ranging from 1MWh to 40MWh and 4 mobile systems of 422kWh. In addition to energy generation, the company can now also provide energy storage and trading.

Due to the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply, solar energy is playing an increasingly important role. Because the sun does not always shine, energy storage and energy management are indispensable for the reliability of the energy supply. For example, the excess solar energy can be stored on a sunny day and then used in the evening or on a grey day. The battery can also be used for energy trading and balancing of the electricity grid.

Alfen's stationary system, TheBattery Elements, is an industrial and modular design for energy storage solutions from 1MW. DSG will deploy these batteries for storage and grid services such as load shifting and FCR services. TheBattery Mobile is Alfen's green alternative to diesel generators. It consists of a mobile 10 ft. container based on automotive batteries. TheBattery Mobile is often used in locations that require a temporary power supply.

“As Alfen, we were already privileged to implement a first 1MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for Agreco Products earlier”, says Stephanie Schockaert, Sales Director Alfen Energy Storage Solutions. “We are proud to be able to further expand our partnership whereby DSG not only remains a frontrunner in its solar business, but also demonstrates entrepreneurship by deploying these kinds of new sustainable solutions such as a BESS.”

Maurice Schoenmakers, Managing Director DSG, adds: “We are always looking for new ideas to generate and store energy in a way that benefits everyone. For example, in 2019 our subsidiary Agreco Products purchased our first 1MW energy storage system from Alfen. We can now say that the effort has been so successful that we are expanding our portfolio with these seven new systems to further fulfil our mission: to accelerate the transition from polluting energy to green energy so that it is possible for every company to become more sustainable.”