Alfen supplies storage system to BAM and Stedin for smart energy neighbourhood

  • Energy storage
  • BAM - Stedin
  • Woerden - the Netherlands
  • 2018

Alfen supplied a 200kWh energy storage system solution to BAM and Stedin for a renovated neighbourhood in Woerden, the Netherlands. The project is part of BAM's and Stedin's innovative Rennovates project, aimed at developing a society based on smart energy use. This includes zero-energy houses, created by reducing the energy consumption and optimising the use of renewable energy sources.

The neighbourhood in Woerden consists of 39 houses, renovated in 2018, fitted with, amongst others, isolation and rooftop solar panels. To align the local energy production and consumption with the available capacity of Stedin's electricity grid, various forecasting tools and smart assets are being implemented.

Alfen's neighbourhood battery storage system is an important tool to balance demand, supply and network availability.