Energiegewinner Technik creates one of the largest EV charging plaza in Germany using Alfen technology

  • EV charging
  • Energiegewinner Technik GmbH
  • Düsseldorf
  • 2022

Maximum contribution to a sustainable world – this is the DNA of our partner Energiegewinner Technik GmbH. They demonstrate clean mobility, with a recent project: installing and operating 72 Alfen Single Pro-line DE electric vehicle charging points in the Schwanenhöfe business park in the heart of Düsseldorf. It is one of the largest charging plazas in Germany, where employees and visitors can charge their EV during business hours.


As a subsidiary of the energy cooperative Energiegewinner eG, Cologne-based Energiegewinner Technik develops, plans and builds environmentally friendly energy systems throughout Europe. Its sustainable mission: to provide every citizen with a decentralised energy supply from 100% renewable sources. In line with this philosophy, a fruitful collaboration emerged between Schwanenhöfe Parkhaus and Energiegewinner Technik in 2022 to operate an EV charging infrastructure in their public parking building in Düsseldorf.

“We aim to face the climate change with renewable energy. And it is not just about us. By installing 72 Alfen EV charging stations, we offer employees and visitors the opportunity to participate in clean mobility,” said Volker Busse, Ladepark Schwanenhöfe.


Energiegewinner Technik chose Alfen because of our 15 years of experience in the field of EV charging infrastructure, and our reliable, Eichrecht-compatible products. At Ladepark Schwanenhöfe, we installed advanced, smart top-quality technology: our Eve Single Pro-line DE socket charging stations.

The Eve Single Pro-line DE is a winner in the charging station segment, tested and approved by several organisations such as Opel and D’Ieteren. The EV chargers adhere to the latest German Weights and Measurement Act, which guarantees a trustworthy transaction for public chargers. The personalisation of the charging points with the operator and investor’s logos on the displays and stickers is a nice bonus.


Technical details

Alfen’s charging stations are designed to be physically compact without compromising functionality. Strong performances are guaranteed with 11kW per socket and 630A 436kW grid connection ower.

Alfen’s Smart Charging Network balances local grid use and connects the individual charging stations in the plaza with each other. The available power capacity is evenly distributed among the users. Although functioning as a group, the charging stations remain individually controllable.

An integrated RFID reader supports user identification and a MID-meter enables financial settlement. Internet connection is via LTE/ethernet, with data available via the chosen third-party management system provider. Payment is possible via Paypal, Credit Card, registration at Energiegewinner or roaming.


Today, the 72 charging stations are a reality. Electricians and engineers of Energiegewinner together with an installing partner from Düsseldorf completed the installation in September 2022. And immediately it made a name for itself as one of the largest charging plazas in Germany.

"We are grateful and proud to contribute to clean mobility in Germany with Ladepark Schwanenhöfe”, said Frank Schillig – Managing Director at Energiegewinner Technik. “With access to green energy for more and more citizens. In the future, too, we are committed to playing a pioneering role in this segment. Introducing electric fleets and to switch to electromobility is often still a big challenge for companies. The more charging options we offer, the smaller the challenge becomes.”

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