Enhancing energy efficiency: Phoenix Contact and Alfen partner to benefit EV drivers

  • EV charging
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Zaventem
  • 2023

Optimal energy management for EV fleets and charging infrastructure requires smart products and services. And sometimes cooperation with partners is the most effective way to best meet end users’ needs. Alfen uses Phoenix Contact’s technology for energy management system (EMS) integration on its EV charging stations.


Phoenix Contact is a worldwide technical pioneer in innovative solutions for connection technologies, electronics and automation. The Belgian establishment in Zaventem is known for its extremely thorough knowledge of electrical components and Phoenix Contact is paving the way towards a climate-neutral and sustainable future.

In that respect, Phoenix Contact engineered MINT, an integrated EMS that enables customers to maximise its assets in e-mobility, renewable energy and energy storage assets. An EMS is a system that integrates,  among others,  with EV charging stations to monitor and control the available and consumed power of devices.

“We do not manufacture and install charging stations ourselves, however we make sure different brands of EV charging stations can be integrated in our EMS. And since Alfen is a household name in the world of EV charging, it was a no-brainer to include them from the start. We strive for open systems such as future-proof charging stations from Alfen that we can integrate into MINT. Reliability and scalability guaranteed,” said Frederik Leempoels, Business Development for E-Mobility at Phoenix Contact.


Both Alfen and Phoenix Contact offer open and flexible systems that enhance each other, providing excellent support in the transition to sustainability. Phoenix Contact provides the EMS technology while Alfen provides the charging stations.

Imagine a building or  parking garage with several EV charging stations where the energy is distributed via Active Load Balancing (find more information here). MINT not only protects the fuses of the entire installation but also enables the possibility to charge every EV in the most ecological and economical way. This system takes into account fluctuating energy prices, user comfort, weather forecasts and unexpected usage peaks, thereby optimising the charging process.

Technical details

MINT optimises the interaction between EV and electricity grids as follows:

  • Charging plaza owners who want to charge several EVs at the same time can charge substantially more vehicles using the existing electrical infrastructure and grid connection.
  • The system registers and analyses the building’s current and historical consumption data and combines it with weather forecasts, as well as the desired departure time and distance.
  • Supported by Artificial Intelligence, an algorithm determines the optimal charging curve for the fleet, taking into account various energy assets such as solar, stationary battery, and wind power.


Using MINT on existing charging infrastructure means you can charge up to 3.7 times as many EV.  At the start-up, the system was fed with data based on various parameters such as user info, departure times, desired driving range, as well as the capacity fee of the installation.

“Working together with quality partners such as Alfen is part of our vision to establish the ‘All Electric Society’. A vision where our solutions for electrification, networking and automation contribute to a world in which renewable energy is available benefit to all. The mix of Alfen’s smart, solid and high-tech EV charging stations combined with our MINT EMS is a win-win for all parties. By using open protocols, Alfen grants us the flexibility to seamlessly incorporate future adaptations and integrations,” said Nico Scherpereel, Marketing Manager at Phoenix Contact.

 “Systematically reducing Europe’s CO2  footprint is in the DNA of both our companies. We are grateful and proud to help guide the transition to a safe, sustainable and affordable energy system. Together we are also striving to use intelligent and flexible charging solutions to make the roll-out of an EV charging station as easy as possible for the installer,” said Rob Van Gorp, Sales Manager for EV Mobility at Alfen.

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