Alfen helps Warsaw’s No Limit logistics company move toward sustainable transportation

  • EV charging
  • No Limit Sp. z o.o
  • 2021, 2022

Switching to an electric fleet in the transport industry is the way to go. This path of business development was also taken by the Polish logistics company No Limit. Local Alfen partners have installed 23 Alfen Eve Single Pro-line charging stations at their warehouse locations in and around Warsaw and Poznan.


The transport industry is currently responsible for around 25% of Europe's CO2 emissions. Decarbonisation is the answer to reducing CO2 emissions as Europe moves towards a low-carbon economy to combat climate change. One of the methods is using a fleet of electric cars. As a result of the dynamic growth in the number of retail companies, it is necessary to use pro-ecological solutions in transport.

That’s where distributors with an eye for the environment come in. One of them is No Limit Sp. z o.o. which offers low emission deliveries for strategic clients in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. The aim is to set up a smart charging network of AC and DC chargers in their HUBs in the CEE region. The objective of phase one (the pilot) was to enable low emission deliveries for their customers in Poland, known as the Smart City Project.


Alfen’s local partners installed 23 Alfen Eve Single Pro-line chargers and 6 Tritium DC chargers at 5 warehouse locations in and around Warsaw and Poznan, supporting No Limit's fleet of light duty electric trucks.

No Limit chose smart charging infrastructure with 24 hour monitoring services using the Alfen ICU Connect back office software for monitoring, management and control of both the AC and DC stations at all 5 locations. This software ensures the charging stations can communicate with the back office and that every electric truck is ready for transport around the clock.

Technical details

Thanks to the Eve Single Pro-line with ICU Connect back office, No Limit enjoys advanced smart functionality. Each van uses 7.4kW (1 phase) for charging and RFID cards to authorise charging transactions and monitor usage. For charging, 23 Eve Alfen Single Pro-line socket stations are used – installed on single poles. Together with 4 DC 50kW and 2 DC 75kW chargers, installed on moveable platforms, these AC and DC stations (29 in total) are monitored and managed remotely by No Limit.  

All stations are connected by Ethernet cables to the internet into 1 stable virtual network. Installation of the chargers, configuration and maintenance was done by Alfen installation partners.



No Limit’s Smart City Project strategy defines its charging infrastructure development roadmap. Once the local electric installations reach maximum capacity in phase one, No Limit will start using Alfen’s energy balancing solutions at their various locations in the CEE Region.

Paweł Tomczak, Project Manager at No Limit: “We care about the environment. The widespread use of renewable energy electric vehicles in urban areas is one of the key ways to tackle CO2 emissions and air pollution. That is why we are expanding our fleet of electric light trucks and increasing the share of certified renewable energy at our locations. The Alfen Eve Single Pro-line charging stations fit perfectly into our plans for cleaner logistics and sustainable transport.”

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