Ubora Solar and Alfen work together to drive e-mobility progress in Spain

  • EV charging
  • Ubora Solar
  • Malaga (Spain)
  • 2023

Energy self-sufficiency is the way to go and that includes e-mobility. In Spain, this isn’t the obvious choice... yet. Ubora Solar, our trusted local partner, is currently building a success story with Alfen’s added value EV charging technologies: Active Load Balancing and Smart Charging Network.


Ubora Solar is a solar energy services and installation company in Andalusia, created to revolutionise energy self-sufficiency in the face of the shift towards green energy. Its challenge: making it easier for homes and businesses to transition to their own clean energy, provide them with substantial savings on their electricity bills and eliminate their dependence on large energy suppliers. They offer durable solutions within everyone’s reach: solar panels, solar batteries and EV charging stations.

Ubora is a well-recognised charge point operator (CPO) in the EV charging industry. They install, own, operate and maintain charging stations, as well as manage user access, handle billing and customer support, and ensure smooth charging services.

“It’s important that we accelerate the energy transition in Spain,” says Carlos de las Heras Jambrino, CEO at Ubora Solar. “To achieve our goal, we only work with the best brands, and for EV charging, Alfen is our number 1 choice. They are the one and only brand that we represent in our country.”


As a CPO and installer, Ubora Solar was looking for more than just a manufacturer of charging stations. The fact that Alfen offers smart features and can essentially integrate multiple devices into one application was the decisive factor for the collaboration.

Since 2020, Ubora Solar has been deploying Alfen’s full range of EV charging equipment for private and corporate customers. This means that depending on the available space and needs, Alfen’s home models Eve Single S-line (11kW) as well as Eve Single Pro-line (22kW) and Eve Double Pro-line (22kW) will be installed. The absolute added value for Ubora Solar lies in Alfen’s Smart Charging Network and Active Load Balancing.

Ubora Solar Alfen Spain ev_charging

Technical details

Ubora Solar installs Alfen units with Active Load Balancing to allow dynamic power management across one or more charge points. The charging station analyses the available capacity and how much power the vehicles require. Subsequently, the smart electronics in the charging station distribute the power based on the maximum capacity of the connection. With this technology, EVs can always be charged, even when the installation has a limited capacity. The charge points allow easy access to ‘Plug&Charge’ so users can still access usage data through any web-enabled device.

The charging stations can be connected to Alfen’s advanced and in-house developed Smart Charging Network (SCN), the most advanced technology for a vehicle charging plaza. SCN functions as a social charging ecosystem, ensuring uniform charging speeds across all stations. This innovative technology empowers Ubora Solar’s customers to intelligently link up to 100 charge points. Moreover, the number of units can effortlessly expand as needed over time.


Together, Alfen and Ubora Solar are ready to conquer Andalusia. There are plenty of opportunities to collaborate and play a broad societal role when it comes to promoting sustainability. Ubora Solar is a partner of Solarwatt Spain, and Alfen enables the Ubora Solar systems to communicate with Solarwatt – which is an additional advantage.

”For us, Alfen is a comprehensive partner who takes care of everything. The preconfiguration, carried out in advance, makes sure everything will work during and after the installation. Both the charge points and the technology are highly reliable and ready for customisation. Alfen’s products allow us to undertake increasingly larger projects,” concludes Carlos de las Heras Jambrino.

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