Substation Connect

The energy transition means the way in which electricity flows throughout our society is about to change. The opportunity to collect data related to this issue offers the chance to anticipate the consequences for the local power supply as well as identify potential bottlenecks and formulate appropriate responses to these challenges before they actually begin to be a problem.

As early as 2008, Alfen began providing solutions for power-grid automation (Alfen Connect) by establishing a digital link between its charging equipment for electric vehicles and the internet. Since then, the possibilities significantly expanded, and transformer substations and energy storage systems now can also be managed remotely.

Deploy the Alfen Connect Substation Connect to ensure optimal management of the smart grids of the future.

The availability of immediate insight into various bottlenecks in the power supply enables optimal energy management. Substation Connect is an Alfen Connect module for power distribution automation, whereby operators gain insight into their electricity grid. This helps us to anticipate potential bottlenecks and resolve them before they become an issue. Continuous measurement helps operators to carry out preventive maintenance and to localise and fix the problem in the event of an unexpected power outage. The automation of transformer stations is of crucial importance to industrial clients. Continuous real-time insight into the performance of their grid and transformers safeguards even higher service levels. In addition, factors such as fire detection and temperature control are becoming increasingly important for insurers.

Flexible and simple to implement

Substation Connect has been constructed so that it can be built into both new and existing stations in a modular fashion. The importance of building a cost-efficient installation with a flexible configuration has also been taken into account. Customised assembly can also be agreed if required.

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Real-time insight into your smart grid

It is easy to monitor your local grid and adjust where necessary via the user-friendly Substation Connect interface.

Alfen Connect screen - substation connect

Technical specifications of Alfen Connect

Please find the Alfen Connect tech specs here.

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TheBattery Connect

TheBattery Connect is Alfen Connect's module used as an energy management system for Alfen's energy storage solution, TheBattery. This platform integrates the elements of a local infrastructure with solar panels, wind turbines, power storage, grid connections and more. Clients are granted access to TheBattery, wireless and via their own IT systems, for all storage solutions: trade, frequency control, peak shaving and autonomous grids. Alfen Connect also operates a back-end operating system that offers insight into system performance, logs data and communicates software updates for TheBattery.

Alfen Connect - module TheBattery Connect for connecting energy storage to the IoT