S.O. Natural: Expansion of electricity supply and return deliveries of SO Natural Greenhouse

  • Smart Grids
  • S.O. Natural
  • Moerkapelle, The Netherlands
  • 2019

Due to the expansion of orchid grower SO Natural in Moerkapelle, the Netherlands, Alfen delivered a compact Diabolo transformer substation, while we also converted a compact station. This station was then connected to the main electricity grid with a 10kV medium voltage underground cable. The ventilation systems in the stations were also adjusted to meet the requirements of this new configuration.

As it was important for this customer to minimize downtime, we aimed at and succeeded in limiting the time required for the conversion to accommodate a quick project completion. Once all work was completed, we commissioned the stations immediately, this minimizing the disruption to their daily operations.

The energy generated by SO Natural is returned to the electricity grid operators and provides sufficient energy to maintain approximately 10,000 households per year. With this step, SO Natural became one of the leaders in returning energy to the main grid in the horticulture industry.