Sicuro terminal boxes for maintenance-free circuitry

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The most robust generator terminal box

The terminal box of a medium-voltage cable on the generator is an indispensable part of the electrical installation. This has been shown to be a vulnerable component, and any malfunction can seriously impact operational continuity. Alfen's Sicuro generator terminal boxes ensure a reliable cable connection to the generator. This can help to prevent rupturing of the cable lug and operational reliability is therefore assured. In addition to a safe connection, Sicuro is an enabler for generator circuitry. Alfen's generator terminal boxes are maintenance-free and come with a guaranteed lifespan of at least 50,000 switches, approximately 10 times more than traditional circuitry. Using a Sicuro not only ensures reliable generator circuitry, but also enables a considerable saving on operational costs.

The series of Sicuro terminal boxes assures an optimally safe and dependable connection to the generator. This is why Sicuro is unparalleled in the market because it combines a number of innovative elements:

  • A vibration-free cable connection
  • Maximum personal safety
  • Integrated peak-voltage security, protecting the windings
  • Integrated voltage and current transformers
  • Capacity switch suitable for handling 50,000 maintenance-free circuits
  • Suitable for almost all medium-voltage generators
  • Independent synchronisation of present medium-voltage installation
  • Present medium-voltage installation can be kept simple, leading to cost savings
  • High short-circuit currents yet compact housing
  • Complies with all applicable international norms and standards


The Sicuro terminal boxes can be delivered in the following configurations:

  • Sicuro 5: Cable intervention set
  • Sicuro 15: Generator terminal box with peak-voltage security
  • Sicuro 10 and 35: Generator terminal box with peak-voltage security appropriate for measuring
  • Sicuro 110, 116, 126 and 310: generator terminal box with peak-voltage security and circuitry

Specifications of the Alfen Sicuro series

Sicuro 5 10 15 35 110 116
Flexible cable connection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Peak-voltage security No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Generator circuitry No No No No Yes Yes
Measurement No Option No Option Option Option
Maximum voltage 12kV 12kV 12kV 17,5kV 12kV 12kV
Maximum current Cable 630A 500A 800A 630A 630A
IAC classification n.v.t. AFLR AFL AFLR AFLR AFLR
ARC disruption current n.v.t. 20kA 20kA 31,5/ 40kA 20kA 20kA
ARC disruption duration n.v.t. 1 sec 0,5 sec 1/ 0,5 sec 1 sec 1 sec
Number of poles 3 3 3 3-4 3 3

Customisation available upon request.