Twin 4XL

Use the Alfen Twin for robust and versatile charging

  • Cutting-edge and sophisticated smart functions

  • Designed for integration and maximum charging speed

  • Made to endure: robust, safe and reliable

  • Choose and change management system easily

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A dual socket, with advanced smart functionality.

The Twin 4XL offers two back-to back sockets. The Twin 4XL has a vandal-proof steel pillar with a curved top surface so waste cannot be left on the charger. The pillar can be brand wrapped if required. The charger incorporates an RFID reader and MID-meter for financial settlement. Its user interface is language-agnostic, with user instructions in icon form and LED charging status lights. Internet connection is via LTE/Ethernet, with data available via the chosen third party management system provider.

The successor to the Twin 4XL is the Twin 5. If you are looking for a charger with Vehicle-to-Grid and Plug-and-Charge capabilities, go to the Twin 5 product page. The Twin 5 charging station by Alfen is future-proofed with ISO 15118 communication capabilities and is prepared for bidirectional power transfer, ensuring compatibility with emerging technologies and evolving industry standards.


  • Charging speed: Triple phase, 11 or 22kW
  • Equipped with two sockets
  • Identification with charge card
  • Insight into charging data and automatic settlement of electricity possible
  • Four clear color LEDs with charging status icons
  • Language independent: control panel with icons
  • Complies with all relevant standards and contains comprehensive safety components
  • European A-quality: a solid and premium product
  • Dynamic load balancing enabled due to co-operation with smart meters (DSMR, TIC) or external energy meters (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP)

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