Walk-in station

Walk-in transformer station

  • Thanks to their modular design, they can be flexibly installed as required.

  • Unparalleled Alfen grids and roof-edge construction guarantee optimal ventilation (IEC 61330).

  • Robust housing with applied concrete quality of at least C35/45.

  • The stations can be supplied in almost every conceivable finish.

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Customised walk-in stations

For those situations that require more power and flexibility, Alfen has a range of prefab walk-in stations. We deliver stations according to customer requirements, but also as an empty housing around the station for the client to equip and install as he thinks best. The modular construction of these prefab stations ensures they can be equipped for almost any application and installation.

The stations can be delivered with almost every conceivable finish, such as stone strips, stainless steel plating, washed gravel, even an emulsion of synthetic resin with aggregates. Alfen's walk-in stations can also be equipped with a watertight basement that can be approached via an access hole.


Walk-in stations can be delivered in every conceivable size and shape; Alfen has supplied stations longer than 16 meters! Please find below an overview of common dimensions.

Minimum length in cm 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700
Maximum length in cm 750 800 850 900 950 1000        
Width in cm 250 260 300 330 360          
Height in cm 250 260 290 300 310 320        

Also deliverable as an indoor station

Alfen can also supply indoor transformer stations. Our indoor stations are easy to put in place and to connect, because they are delivered ready-made on location. This is how an indoor station in an existing building becomes operational very quickly indeed. Nothing more than a facade recess is required.

The benefits of an indoor station are:

  • Deployable in every environment
  • Invisible
  • Easy to deploy in an urban environment
  • No additional impact on capacity
  • No ventilation required

Modular stations are delivered prefab

Alfen delivers prefab walk-in substation

Prefab delivery

with a warranty for high quality. Short delivery times upon request.

Alfen can assume total responsibility for the foundation.

Alfen places foundation for its substation

The right foundation

for every soil condition. Either on steel or on poles.

Alfen can take care of transportation to and placement at every location.

Alfen install walk-in transformer substation for railroad

Alfen can take care of transpo

can be taken care of by Alfen. Employees are in possession of a 'VCA' certificate.

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