Customised transformer stations

  • The three Pepper pot spaces can be equipped as required

  • Usable as an advertising column due to the absence of ventilation grilles

  • Robust housing of high-quality concrete and therefore maintenance free

  • Compact design with convenient cable entry thanks to detachable plates

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Special client-specific stations

It goes without saying that Alfen is capable of developing the most appropriate solution for any electrical infrastructure. Together with grid operators and municipalities, we have developed various client-specific transformer stations. We designed and put in place the renowned Pepper pot transformer station on the Amsterdam canals that also serves as an advertising pillar.

Alfen Pepper pot (the 'Peperbus')

The Alfen Pepper pot defines the outline of many city high streets and is ideally suited to areas where the room for a transformer station is limited. The Pepper pot's characteristics are as follows:

  • Maximum 630 kVA, 16 descending LS groups
  • Maintenance-free concrete housing and stainless steel doors
  • Rapid installation thanks to prefab delivery on location
  • Classic and detailed exterior
  • Extra income due to advertising
  • Efficient access for operational staff
  • Free interior configuration


The Pepper pot ensures optimal use of the available space; these are the dimensions: 180 x 490 (cross section x height above the ground).

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