Integrated complete solution for Cars Jeans Stadium

  • Smart Grids
  • EV charging
  • Energy storage
  • ADO Den Haag - Scholt Energy - municipality The Haque - Stedin
  • The Hague - the Netherlands
  • 2019

Alfen supplied an energy system that combines a charging hub, energy storage and sustainable production at the Cars Jeans Stadium of ADO Den Haag. The project was executed by ADO Den haag, Scholt Energy Control, Stedin and the Den Haag municipality.

Early 2018, 20 Alfen charge points for electric vehicles were installed. The roof of the stadium was covered with solar panels in 2016. With the addition of a large battery, te benefits can be optimally exploited.

The realised smart grid solutions at the stadium reflect the future of the energy market, where coordination and alignment of energy supply and demand is becoming increasingly important. The battery ensures that solar power generated during the day can be used at night, when it is actually needed the most.

For instance to light up the stadium and to charge the batteries of the increasing number of electric vehicles for spectators. In addition, the pressure on the electricity grid is reduced in case many vehicles park and charge simultaneously and at the same location.

ADO The Hague

ADO Den Haag is a football club from the Eredivisie that connects people in the Haaglanden region with the product football and the related core values - battle, and passion. In addition to the sporting and social aspects, sustainability is a high priority at ADO Den Haag, our pride. 

Scholt Energy Control

Scholt Energy Control (SEC) supplies electricity and gas to the business market in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The head office is located in Valkenswaard (NL). They also have offices in Waregem (BE) and Ratingen (DE).

With their personal, clear, independent approach, Scholt Energy Control has been able to conquer a place in the international energy market in a short space of time. With Scholt Energy Services (SES), the company focuses on innovations in the field of sustainable energy. Scholt Energy Services offers independent, innovative solutions in the field of energy consumption, energy storage and energy generation. Scholt Energy Services aims to enter into successful and long-term partnerships in order to realise ambitions in the field of sustainability.

EV Charging equipment at stadium of ADO Den Haag

Alfen charging Equipment at ADO Den Haag stadium


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