Testlocatie voor AC-laadpalen gebruikt energieopslagsysteem van Alfen

  • EV charging
  • Energy storage
  • E-Laad
  • Arnhem - the Netherlands
  • 2018

Alfen supplied an energy storage system to the test site for electric vehicles of ElaadNL. The storage system has a capacity of 138kWh and supports research on power quality challenges and the use of storage for balancing out (renewable) energy production and demand on the energy markets.

In addition, the system is used for optimal alignment of charging EVs and the available capacity of the electricity grid. The storage system also supplies the extra electricity needed for executing certain test protocols.

New smart EV charging test site

The Dutch grid operators involved in ElaadNL, a knowledge and innovation centre in the field of smart charging infrastructure, have gained experience on the impact of charging EVs on the electricity grid. ElaadNL has recently opened a test site at its headquarters in Arnhem, consisting of all types of publicly accessible AC charge points in the Netherlands.

This test site is open for EV manufacturers, grid operators and ElaadNL to test the functionality of EVs in combination with various charge points, including smart EV charging and the impact on the power quality. The test site was officially opened by Stientje van Veldhoven, State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management, on April 18th 2018.