Always a suitable charging station for your car

Alfen's charging stations work with every electric car. Moreover, the chargers are available in various capacities, can be connected to the internet and can be activated with a charging card. Because of this, there is always a charging station available that is perfectly suited for your situation.

Quick and carefree installation

Alfen works with a European network of professional installers for the installation of charging stations. This means that your charger will be installed safely and ready to use. This way, you can instantly charge your electric car, worry free.

Payment of charged electricity

If you drive an electric company car and charge at home, you most likely want to be compensated for the electricity that you use to charge your car, the same way that is done with fuel cards. With the charging stations of Alfen, the consumed electricity can easily be settled with your employer. For billing services, Alfen works with several renowned partners.

SIM unlocked

With an Alfen charging station you are free in your choice of a service provider for automatic transactions. In other words: completely 'SIM unlocked', which means that you choose your own charging plan.


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