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Are you going to be our new technician?

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Pass your secondary vocational training certificate (the 'mbo') at Alfen, what a way to boost your career

Passing your secondary vocational training certificate (the 'mbo') at Alfen is a great way to boost your career. You'll work as a (trainee) technician on one of our installation departments. You'll be making transformers or charging stations, for example. Or you'll learn the ins and outs of our energy storage systems. And would you enjoy applying your know-how at a customer site? Then you could well be our new field engineer. In a nutshell, there are plenty of growth opportunities at Alfen.

Let me introduce to you: practical supervisor Peter

Get to know Peter Dekens, our practical supervisor. "Helping our trainees with advice and assistance in carrying out practical assignments and then watching them grow in ability and confidence. That's why we do this."

PeterDekens Praktijkinstructeur


The company training centre cannot operate without the cooperation of a number of prominent partners. It is our pleasure to introduce you to a number of our key partners.

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2017 training company of the year

We started our own company training centre in 2008. Since then we've been working hard in coaching our trainees. And to ensure they gain their certificate. Our efforts have led to various prizes. We are particularly proud of being honoured as the 2017 Training Company of the Year. We were chosen from among 230,000 other training companies.

Alfen prize Beste leerbedrijf 2017 BBL