Meet Tunahan

Who can best tell you what it's like to work at Alfen? Our own colleagues, of course. This time we ask Tunahan to tell us a little about himself and his job. Tunahan is a young integration specialist and started at Alfen in November 2021. He is part of the IT department and feels like a fish out of water there.

How did you end up at Alfen and what was your first impression?

"On my first day at Alfen, like many others, I was given a tour of the production hall. I found this quite impressive. You see how the products are made that you sometimes see on the street that you didn't know were from Alfen. I find the assembly process very interesting and you see on a tour like this how much knowledge, precision and love goes into each product. Also, my future supervisor explained that we as the IT department support the business, with the goal that Alfen can bring even more great products to market. I really like that."

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How would you describe the culture and atmosphere within Alfen?

"The corporate culture within Alfen's IT department is informal when possible and formal when required. There is close contact between colleagues and we keep lines of communication short, allowing us to complete large projects quickly. As soon as someone is busy or gets stuck because of a problem, we quickly switch with each other. This is not a given in the IT world, so we should be proud of that!"

What does an average workday at Alfen look like?

"I deal with building integrations, which enable communication between software, applications and hardware. These integrations have three segments: identifying the source, shaping data and determining the destination. Because of the variety of products we make, I deal with innovative projects on a daily basis. My average day looks like this: I have a number of status meetings with stakeholders and other developers. From these meetings come action items. Sometimes I have to figure something out, sometimes I have to change something. In between, I build the integrations that are relevant to the load palette division. These integrations I develop myself, based on the requirements of the stakeholders and end users."

What are the relationships within the team and what goes on within the department?

"Together with several other integration specialists, I form the integration team at Alfen. As integration specialists, we are part of the application management team. We report to the manager of application management. The mutual contact within the team is extremely fine, especially with the other application managers. The team works efficiently and purposefully, mainly for obtaining information, rights and support for work. Besides serious projects and formal consultations, we have a lot of fun and enjoyment."

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