08 April 2024

Enexis Groep and Alfen install 10,000 volt substation to strengthen Dutch grid network

The Netherlands, April 08 – Amid Europe’s shift towards zero carbon emissions, the Netherlands faces a pressing need to upgrade its grid infrastructure. Enexis Groep, a key player in the Dutch electricity grid sector, partnered with energy solutions specialist Alfen to fortify a 10,000-volt substation in Deventer to manage growing demand for reliable electricity distribution. 

The Netherlands grapples with surging energy demand and an influx of renewable energy sources, prompting urgent grid upgrades to prevent blackouts.  

Enexis Groep is leading efforts to address this challenge, installing 2,180MW of new grid connections and upgrades in 2023 alone. Collaborating with Alfen for several decades, they have deployed over 50 substations to bolster grid infrastructure, with the latest project in Deventer showcasing a timely installation and customisation. 

This 3-day on site installation featured what we call a ‘transport distribution substation’ (transportverdeelstation in Dutch) that will deliver 10,000-volts of capacity to strengthen and stabilise the area’s grid. This customised substation receives electricity from the power grid at a higher voltage and then distributes it to lower voltage levels suitable for distribution to end users. 


“Alfen’s team did a good job planning out this project in a timely manner and remained flexible when we needed to make changes,” said Pieter Verhoeven, environment manager for Enexis. “This latest project in Deventer highlights the great partnership our teams share in our dedication to strengthening the Dutch grid.”  

With tens of installations like this one planned for 2024 in the north, east and south of the Netherlands, it’s clear that both companies are committed to meeting the countries’ evolving energy demands.   

Alfen Schalkhaar Deventer

“With such high demand for network upgrades and capacity expansion, we understand that delivering substation solutions to our customers quickly is a key priority for them,” said Hanno van Maanen, Smart Grid Solutions project manager for Alfen. 

“Having the technology to pre-fabricate our substations, but also customise them positions our team to execute on projects like this one with not speed and consistency.” 

Alfen Schalkhaar Deventer