Pluginvest installs Alfen's EV chargers at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits in Antwerp

  • EV charging
  • Pluginvest
  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2024

A forerunner in the Belgian EV charging market, Pluginvest prefers installing Alfen equipment at their customers' locations. The reason? Alfen provides reliable, durable EV charging solutions that consistently meet their needs. 


When Pluginvest’s founders decided to start an EV charging business in 2016, they took a practical approach. Using their technical backgrounds, they ordered charging stations from various suppliers and installed them at their own homes to thoroughly test them. This included chargers from Alfen, an established player in the market since 2008 with a solid reputation. Pluginvest has been installing our equipment ever since. 

The company has grown rapidly since its inception. Today, Pluginvest is one of Belgium’s biggest players, with 35 employees. They focus on the B2B market within Belgium; however, they also work with partners to install EV charging stations across the border in the Netherlands, Luxemburg and France. 

Solution & technical details 

Pluginvest installs mostly Alfen products at their end users’ locations. Prominent among its customers is Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, a leading insurance broker and risk consultant, who is taking the lead to electrify its company fleet. Pluginvest first started installing Alfen’s EV charging stations at Vanbreda’s Antwerp headquarters in 2018, both above and below ground in parking garages. By the first quarter of 2024, the number had risen to 54 charging stations with 97 charge points, consisting mainly of Eve Double Pro-line chargers, a number of Eve Single Pro-line chargers, and one DC charger 

Because of the successful rollout at their office premises, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits is giving its employees the option to have a compact Alfen Eve Single Pro-line charging station installed at their home. So far, Pluginvest has installed 99 chargers, with this number continuing to rise.  


"When our founders started installing Alfen’s charging stations at our end users’ locations, they were one of a few suppliers in the market,” said Christopher Martin, Marketing Manager at Pluginvest.  

"Over the years, we have developed a strong partnership with Alfen, and we know we can count on them to deliver. The level of production that Alfen can provide ensures we always have enough stock, and if we’re low on stock, Alfen can deliver quickly. This reliability is hugely important for us. Conversely, we do a lot of testing in the field, and we provide Alfen with rapid and accurate feedback that they can use to enhance their solutions. At the moment, we are testing Alfen’s fast DC charger (see photo above) which is installed at our parking facility in Antwerp.” 



Pluginvest installs Alfen's EV chargers

Pluginvest Alfen


Pluginvest installs Alfen's EV chargers

PlugInvest Alfen


Pluginvest installs Alfen's EV chargers

PlugInvest Alfen

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