Eve Double Pro-line

The Eve Double Pro-line: Alfen's flagship for smart solutions

  • Cutting-edge and sophisticated smart functions

  • Designed for integration and maximum charging speed

  • Made to endure: robust, safe and reliable

  • Choose and change management system easily

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A dual socket, with advanced smart functionality, for higher volume environments

The Eve Double Pro-line is Alfen's flagship smart solution for the semi-public environment such as businesses and supermarkets. Its rugged case is designed for high usage and regular user changeovers and can be wall or pole mounted. It houses two sockets, with optional load balancing across both. The user interfaces includes a colour screen with logo upload facility. An integrated RFID reader supports user identification and a MID-meter enables financial settlement. Internet connection is via LTE/Ethernet, with data available via the chosen third party management system provider.


  • Charging capacity of 3.7kW to 22kW
  • Equipped with two sockets
  • Wall mounting or stand-alone with optional assembly plate
  • Standard MID energy meter to settle consumed power
  • Display can be configured in various languages
  • Plug & Charge or RFID authorisation
  • SIM-lock free; free choice for the charging services provider
  • European A-quality: a solid and premium product
  • Easy to configure
  • Complies with all relevant standards including IEC 61851:2017 - IEC 61851:2017 and has RCDs that protect against leakage currents
  • Full-colour 3.5" colour display
  • Dynamic load balancing enabled due to co-operation with smart meters (DSMR) or external energy meters (Modbus TCP/IP)

The charging station can communicate with and react to other smart technologies and solutions with shared standards and open protocols

Eve Double Pro Line

Versatile support of

profiles, price hierarchy and settlement of financial transactions

A network of up to 100 Alfen charging stations with single sockets or 50 charging stations with double sockets at one location

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Alfen's smart charging network

distributes charging over all vehicles being charged to maximise charging speed

Full colour 3.5” screen with logo upload facility

Alfen EV charging Eve Double Pro nature

The versatile screen

can display a logo and guide the user through the charging process

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