Rowan: 'A fun job taster with convivial colleagues'

With a father who works for Alfen and a brother who did his internship there, Rowan Cats (15) could not stay behind. He had no fewer than two internships with us and talks enthusiastically about how he experienced his time here.

"Hi, I'm Rowan Cats and I'm 15.' I'm studying KB electrical engineering at Buitenhout College and I'm now in my exam year. I did a second short traineeship at Alfen between September and March.

My class at school visited Alfen to get to know the company and that visit made me decide to do my internship here. Moreover, my father works here as a project manager and my brother Joey also did a traineeship and vacation work at Alfen.

During my traineeship, I was primarily involved in making lighting kits and fuse boxes. I also spent a few days helping to build low-voltage distributor racks."

Job taster

I did both my traineeships at Alfen with a lot of pleasure. Otherwise I wouldn't have done two internships. I learned a lot about the content of transformer stations, primarily low-voltage racks and the various types of cables used. What made my traineeship particularly nice was that a number of classmates did their internship at Alfen too.

Quite a few production line workers also attend the Alfen Academy. Sometimes it was pretty crowded over there, at other moments very quiet. Sometimes there was a load of work to do, at other times a little less.

You can learn a lot at Alfen and your colleagues are fun and nice to have around. When you turn 16 or older, you can consider vacation work or even a competence development course (the 'BBL') once you have passed your vmbo certificate. I can wholeheartedly recommend Alfen as the place to do your traineeship."

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