10 June 2021

Alfen EV charging stations in the centre of a new, circular, business model

SìRicarica, an innovative Italian start-up, has started to rollout a nationwide network of charging stations for electric cars in Italy. SìRicarica originated from a shared vision of NaturaSì, DriWe and Garage Italia. Three different companies with a common goal: to build a sustainable future together for everyone. Alfen has been selected as the main partner to supply smart EV charging stations for this nationwide rollout.

Unique about this start-up is its business model. SìRicarica believes that sustainability concerns everyone, and that each of us should be given the opportunity to play a role in this necessary change. That is why the company gives everyone the opportunity to participate in this project. With a successful crowdfunding campaign, they open up the company to widespread shared ownership, giving citizens and businesses the opportunity to invest and further enhance the company's sustainability performance and economic results. It is the first time in Italy that a company involves the public directly in an e-mobility infrastructure project. The ultimate goal is to install at least one charge point at each of the hundreds of NaturaSì premises.

DriWe is the technical partner for SìRicarica responsible for the development, procurement, project management and technological improvement of the project. In the preliminary design of the project, DriWe selected the Alfen Eve Pro-line charging stations. These EV charging stations are designed to maximise charging speeds and optimise energy use while ensuring the grid connection.  The Alfen Eve Pro-line charging stations have a full colour display, and an integrated RFID reader that supports user identification. In addition, its built-in MID-meter enables financial settlement. Internet connection via GPRS/Ethernet with data is, in this case, available via the DriWe Backend. In combination with its proven reliability, user-friendly interface, and fast nationwide service by Alfen’s historical partner DriWe, these were the reasons why SìRicarica chose Alfen EV Charging Stations.

“Starting from the parking lots of the NaturaSì stores, this service is intended not only for NaturaSì customers but for all people from the local communities who drive electric and plug-in cars. SìRicarica wants to contribute to creating the infrastructure to accelerate the growth of zero-impact electric mobility” says Luca Secco, CEO DriWe and SìRicarica.

Alessandro Cicerchia, Sales Manager Alfen Italy, adds: "We want to support the Italian market with its e-mobility goals with the deployment of our smart charging solutions. This new circular business model is supported by the Italian community and shows that we are a taking the right steps towards a more sustainable future. We are proud to play such an important role in this unique project!" Since 2008 Alfen has been developing and manufacturing the most advanced charging stations for any electric vehicle. They are produced with European A-quality components, tested, and certified by renowned European car manufacturers. All Alfen charging stations can be connected to any charge point management system/ back-end and are equipped with the latest developments in smart charging and connectivity.

SìRicarica is a joint venture of three companies that join forces to achieve their sustainability goals. In the roll-out of the nationwide charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, the three companies involved in SìRicarica each contribute from their own expertise. NaturaSì, Italy's largest organic supermarket, has experience in sustainability and offers its network of retail locations. DriWe is a specialist tech system integrator that provides all research and engineering solutions and Garage Italia, a luxury and fashion company known for making vintage cars electric, offers its knowledge of the automotive industry.