06 September 2022

Alfen Unlocks Greater Smart Charging Capabilities with Next Generation EV Charging Technology to Accelerate Mass E-Mobility Adoption

Alfen is excited to announce its next generation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging equipment technology. Developed to support ISO 15118, the latest international communications standard for EV charging, this technology enables improved smart charging capabilities such as Plug & Charge and Bi-Directional Charging. This expansion of capabilities marks a major milestone as Alfen becomes one of the first AC EV charging equipment manufacturers to prove full end-to-end implementation and compatibility of Plug & Charge functionality with ISO 15118.

“Mobility electrification across Europe is growing fast as countries set specific dates to phase out fossil-based transportation as part of the European Union’s roadmap to achieve climate neutrality by 2050,” said Michelle Lesh, Chief Commercial Officer for Alfen. “Building on 85 years of innovation in the electricity grid, Alfen is excited to continue leading the EV charging equipment market by unlocking more smart charging capabilities like Plug & Charge and Bi-Directional Charging. This innovation plays a key role in enabling mass adoption of electric mobility throughout Europe.”

EVs on European roads are expected to grow from less than 5 million today to 130 million in 2035. EV chargers for private and public use are expected to grow to 65 million in 2035, with 85% of plugs installed at homes. Enabling this growth requires the EU to address several issues such as drastically improving charging infrastructure to support more EVs on the road, as well as managing energy on the grid better to manage the power demand EVs cause.

Integrating ISO 15118 Communications Standard Unlocks Smart Charging Capabilities

ISO 15118 enables improved Plug & Charge functionality, which allows an EV to communicate with a charging station and the EV charging eco system, to make charging easier. With Plug & Charge, a driver can plug in and charge their EV without an app or RFID card. The car and the charger automatically identify themselves to each other by exchanging certificates issued in advance through a certificate pool.

ISO 15118 also enables Bi-Directional Charging (also known as Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G)). This much-anticipated technology can deliver energy from an EV’s battery back to the grid. Users can power their home or office with energy from their EV or support the grid during peak hours. This development offers new possibilities for users to become less dependent on the grid when it is congested, a significant challenge all over Europe.

“To make V2G and Plug & Charge a reality, the charging station, the back-end and the EV need to support these capabilities,” Lesh continues. “Alfen’s EV equipment is ready to embrace it now. We look forward to driving these innovative capabilities forward and encourage infrastructure providers to take the next step to enable the scope of capabilities ISO 15118 offers.”

Alfen Among First AC EV Charging Manufacturers to Prove End-to-End Plug & Charge Functionality with ISO 15118 Standards

These new capabilities complete Alfen’s journey to become one of the first AC EV charging equipment manufacturers to prove full end-to-end implementation and compatibility of Plug & Charge functionality with ISO 15118. Earlier this year, Alfen announced that its EV hardware was ISO 15118 ready. Now it has completed the full end-to-end implementation, including back-office integration.

Alfen expects to introduce the new ISO 15118 capabilities on its range of EV charging stations over time. It will first introduce them on the Alfen Twin charging station for the (semi) public domain, after which it expects the capabilities to be available on relevant models and versions of its single and double outlet EV charging stations next year.