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TheBattery at a glance

TheBattery balances energy supply and demand and hereby helps to prevent heavy infrastructural investment in the electricity grid. Self-generated energy can be sold at the most profitable moments, enabling autonomous electricity networks based on solar or wind energy to be developed. TheBattery is already used by utility companies, network operators, large and small energy producers and traders, service providers in the field of fast charging of electric vehicles and industrial companies.

Alfen battery storage solution at wind park Alexia
  • Developed on the back of 85 years of experience and innovation in the electricity grid

  • Fully integrated end-to-end storage solution

  • Flexible adaptability to your requirements on the basis of various building blocks

  • Outstanding battery system and components

  • Real-time insight and remote control

  • Developed for every application and environment

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See what TheBattery can do for you

Local energy storage is going to play an indispensable role in our electricity grid. See below how Alfen's TheBattery can play a crucial role in this process.

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TheBattery Mobile provides the energy for maritime operations

Alfen's mobile storage system can be implemented absolutely everywhere. See how TheBattery delivers green energy in the Port of Rotterdam.

TheBattery Connect

TheBattery Connect is Alfen Connect's module used as an energy management system for Alfen's energy storage solution, TheBattery. Clients are given access to TheBattery, wireless and via their own IT systems, for all storage applications: trade, frequency control, peak shaving and autonomous grids.

  • Optimal operation of our products with 24/7 real-time insight

  • Remote operation, easy to integrate in every IT system

  • Secure operating platform for data and end-2-end infrastructure (ISO 27001)

  • The modules can be integrated at will, with external components as well

Alfen Connect laptop Battery pack