Smart Charging Network

Optimal charging with the smartest local network

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This is how Alfen's smart network works

See how Alfen's Smart Charging Network works and how it can charge numerous electric vehicles within the available power capacity. All charging stations coordinate the charging speed with each other. Optionally, Smart Charging Network can be combined with Dynamic Load Balancing.

Most advanced technology for a vehicle charging plaza

Alfen's Smart Charging Network (SCN) is the most advanced charging station technology on the market. It operates as a social charging network, without masters and slaves. All charging stations align their charging speed among each other.

While configured and functioning as a group, the charging stations remain individually approachable and controllable. This way you remain in control over the network.

With the Smart Charging Network, the available power capacity is evenly distributed among the users. Vehicle fully charged? The other connected vehicles will automatically be supplied with more power from the load balancing ev chargers.

Smart Charging Network

More information

Read more about Smart Charging Network in our leaflet. We explain how you can optimise charging and keep costs under control with Smart Charging Network.