Alfen and ENGIE: a seamless synthesis between the products and services

  • EV charging
  • Engie
  • France
  • 2021

ENGIE is a French multinational utility that also sells and installs EV charging stations. As of 2021, Alfen is one of a select few suppliers they use for EV charging. Alfen also provides project support for their various markets and supports their tendering process. 


ENGIE is a French multinational utility. Responsible for provision of energy in upwards of 70 countries, its 170,000 employees span all continents. ENGIE has been reducing its fossil fuel activities and investing in low carbon and distributed energy projects, as part of its aim to achieve net zero carbon by 2045. Its renewable assets include: wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric and green hydrogen. The organisation also offers installation activities and technical services like, for example, EV charging infrastructure - which explains their relationship with Alfen.


ENGIE has a business-to-consumer position in some countries. Their platform “50five” enables them to sell and install charging solutions in various countries in Europe such as Belgium, Netherlands and the UK. In the business-to-business market, ENGIE sells chargers and green electricity to private businesses and cities. 

“Alfen is one of a select few suppliers we use for EV charging and, in addition to supplying smart charge points, it also provides project support for our various markets and supports our tendering process, which is significant, with over 200 tenders per year, often at short notice”, said Cédric Calarnou, Group Category Manager at ENGIE. 

Technical details

Thanks to its product adaptation to the different market needs (e.g. Eichrecht for the German market, the shutter for the French market), as well as different market segments, which are namely: home, semi-public and public, Alfen was selected. Another important reason is the smart features of the charging stations, including the Smart Charging Network. Additionally, the Alfen chargers can be integrated with the GeniePoint and Everon back-end to ensure a seamless synthesis between the products and services offered by Alfen and ENGIE. In the Netherlands ENGIE, in cooperation with GreenFlux, launched a Living Lab to test smart charging technology at ENGIE's Dordrecht office.


Alfen became an AC charging station supplier to ENGIE across Europe in 2021. All products will be delivered to the different local entities, such as in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, the UK, Southern EU, Poland and many more countries. For this cooperation a 3-year framework agreement was decided on.