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Alfen offers a full range of charging station for every application: at home, work or public areas. Each of our products have their distinct features making them optimally suited for every situation. 


ICU Eve Mini

The Eve Mini offers smart technology in a very small, modernly shaped casing. The Eve Mini is a compact wallbox that comes with integrated DC fault current detection and GPRS/Ethernet connectivity. The socket version also has a full color display. Like all other Alfen charging stations, the Eve Mini is completely designed, developed and produced in Europe exclusively with A-quality components.


The ICU Eve is a high-tech robust charging station that is equipped with two charging outlets and a large display situated in the front. The glasfiber enforced casing makes it vandalism proof. The ICU Eve comes with many functionalities and is easy to use and install. The charger is available in a large number of charging capacities.

ICU Twin

The ICU Twin is a highly robust and solid charging station, especially designed for public locations. The housing of the charging station has been made completely out of stainless steel and naturally blends in to the streetscape thanks to its neutral design. The ICU Twin has no protruding parts and has a sloped top so no objects can be put on top of the station.

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With its large range of in-house developed products and vast experience as systems integrator, Alfen is building the electricity grid of the future: reliable, sustainable and innovative. Call us at +31 36 54 93 400 or send an e-mail.

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