Secure data and end-to-end infrastructure management platform

Real-time management and monitoring of critical infrastructure (end-to-end covering e.g. substations, energy storage and EV chargers), including configuration management, asset management, real-time measurements
and third party integrations.

Insights in rapidly evolving power grids

Preparing for the future through metering of substation condition, power quality and overall grid quality.

Real-time short circuit indication and earth fault detection

Localize and address issues as soon as possible in the event of unexpected outages.

Manage and control public lighting

Flexible control of public lighting programs and instantaneous insights in large amounts of data allow for optimal maintenance schedules and fault detection.

Smart hardware and connectivity

Fire detection, remote control switchgear, access control with user management, alarm and warnings overview, real-time monitoring, gateway to third parties.

Cost effective installation and configuration

Compact size, light-weight and plug & play installation makes the Alfen Connect device easy to implement in many assets.