Technical specifications of Alfen Connect

Product description

Product name RTU226
Software version 1.5.9.
Year of manufacture 2017

Technical specs

Power supply 230V/400V 50Hz 1.5A
24VDC (optional) 24VDC ± 10% 600mA max
Power absorption 11W average
Ambient temperature (operational) -20°C to +70°C
Relative humidity (operational) 10% to 95%  (non-condensing)
Ambient temperature (in storage) 0 to 40 °C
Relative humidity (in storage) <80%


Weight 2,9kg
Dimensions (lxwxh) 278 x 188 x 130 mm
Material Polycarbonate, Polyamide Ral7035, UL508
Cover Transparent
Protection category IP 44
Shock resistance IK 07
Fire category LOI 35


Processor ARM Cortex M4, STM32F427
RAM 256kb
Program flash 2Mb
Integrated flash 256Mb
Integrated EEPROM 128kb
Operating system FreeRTOS
Status information Individual symbols with LED indication
Communication Network connection TCP / IP via Ethernet port or mobile network. Communication protocol: OS3P Json web socket
Modem Integrated Gemalto ELS61-E (4G-CAT1 + 2G) module, 2 x MMCX jack GPRS antenna, 1 x SIM card holder mini-SIM (2FF)
Grid measurement device (internal) Socomec DIRIS A10
Protocols HTTP, HTTPS, WS, WSS, FTP, NTP, MOD-bus, MOD-bus TCP/IP
Screen (optional) HP tablet

Last Gasp unit

Rated voltage 24Vdc
Capacity 180mAh
Battery type Poly-carbon monofluoride Lithium
Security Internal thermal circuitry amd blocking diode
Lithium amount 4,8g / unit
Compliance IEC60086-4

External connections

1 x power supply 230VAC L - N - PE
1 x power supply 24VDC alternative for standard 230VAC power supply
1 x Ethernet port (WAN) RJ45 galvanically isolated connection
1 x P1 Smart Meter Connection RJ11 connection
1 x RS232 screen SUBD9 to USB
1 x RS485 Modbus 1 internal connection with grid measurement device
1 x RS485 Modbus 2 connection with external LED Modbus
4 x relays Potential-free contact 16A max 400VAC
9 x low-voltage entry Potential-free contacts (max 24V), 3 x short-circuit detection, 1 x terminal box access for monitoring 1 x earthing error detection, 4 x reserve
4 x 230VAC entry 4kV galvanically isolated

Internal connections

1 x Last Gasp connection For optional Last Gasp module
4 x low-voltage entry 1 x Cover, 3 x push button (optional)
1 x USB port USB 2.0 memory
2 x GPRS antenna 4G-CAT1 + 2G network
1 x SIM card holder 4G-CAT1 + 2G network
Integrated sensors Temperature sensor for alarm and battery temperature control. Light sensor for LED intensity operation

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