Compact station

Compact transformer station

  • All conceivable specifications for low-voltage devices attributable to modular assembly systems

  • Developed and tested for many medium-voltage switches

  • Robust housing thanks to high-quality monolithic pre-cast concrete. 

  • Integrated oil receptacle for safety and environmental protection

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Transformer stations totally tailor-made and fully equipped

Alfen is a pioneer in the field of compact transformer stations. The iconic Diabolo compact station is a familiar face in the Dutch landscape because grid operators often choose for this compact transformer station. In addition, Alfen has developed a state-of-the-art line of stations known as Pacto, currently Alfen's most technologically-advanced compact station. Alfen transformer stations can be supplied in a range of capacities and configurations, rendering them ideal for every application.


  • Available in 630kVA, 1,250kVA and 2,500kVA capacities
  • Prefab concrete with detachable roof
  • Finishing concrete with light gray exposed concrete and anti-graffiti coating
  • Locked by door handle with 17mm euro profile cylinder
  • Access ducts MV/LV side via removable front plate
  • Housing mass of 8,750kg
  • Design standard IEC 62271-202
  • Temperature class 20
  • Finishing sheet metal with lacquer. Color light gray (RAL 7044)
  • Wall socket MV and LV area with 16A grounding
  • RCCB 25A 30mA
  • Power supply 230V-50Hz
  • Security lighting via 16A circuit braker
  • MV and LV area lighting via lamp operated by door switch
  • Equipment and metal parts connect to grounding bus bar
  • Connection point grounding equipment MV and LV area with ball knob round 25mm
  • Grounding electrode MV and LV area with connection terminal 25-95mm2
  • Drawings: Dimension sketch MS4408A801. Foundation MS4408A109

Alfen can assume total responsibility for the foundation.

Alfen places foundation for its substation

The right foundation

for every soil condition. Either on steel or on poles.

Alfen can take care of transportation to and placement at every location.

Transformatorstation Linea Alfen op vrachtwagen truck

Transport and placement

can be taken care of by Alfen. Employees are in possession of a 'VCA' certificate.

Specially-developed Alfen grids safeguard optimal ventilation

Sideview of Alfen Diabolo compact substation

Optimal ventilation

via grids in line with IEC 61330 and detachable for inspection and maintenance.

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