Energy storage

Industrial modular energy storage system

  • Solar parks

  • Wind parks

  • Industry

  • EV charging stations

  • Events

  • Building sites

  • Maritime sector

  • Data centers

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Developed on the back of 85 years experience and innovation in electricity grids

Alfen's energy storage solutions are underpinned by two key products: TheBattery Elements and TheBattery Mobile. These products are tailor-made for different markets and applications but based on the same design principles to guarantee optimal performance, flexibility, modularity and longevity.

Alfen large scale energy storage solution at hybrid energy park Haringvliet
  • Active in proven technology for over 10 years

  • Fully integrated end-to-end solutions

  • Developed for every application and environment

  • Flexibility in aspirations and requirements

  • Ongoing insight and remote control

  • Complete service package

Overlay video TheBattery Mobile

Green energy at every location

Alfen's pioneering mobile concept can be universally applied where temporary green energy is required.

TheBattery Mobile is the sustainable alternative for diesel generators and the solution for limited grid connections.

TheBattery Connect

TheBattery Connect is Alfen Connect's module used as an energy management system for Alfen's energy storage solution, TheBattery. Clients are given access to TheBattery, wireless and via their own IT systems, for all storage applications: trade, frequency control, peak shaving and autonomous grids.

  • Optimal operation of our products with 24/7 real-time insight

  • Remote operation, easy to integrate in every IT system

  • Secure operating platform for data and end-2-end infrastructure (ISO 27001)

  • The modules can be integrated at will, with external components as well

Alfen Connect laptop Battery pack