Press release; Alfen launches Cellular Smart Grid Platform


The rapid increase of intermittent renewable energy is putting an increasing pressure on global electricity grids. To make power grids more resilient to external influences, Dutch energy expert Alfen is launching a new solution: A platform that allows local parts of the grid to disconnect from the central grid and self-heal.

Smart charging services for Vandebron


Energy supplier Vandebron is launching services for electric vehicles. Furthermore, Vandebron will start a pioneering pilot in October 2017 by using electric vehicles to balance the energy grid. With new Blockchain technology, EV-drivers are rewarded for contributing to the objective of making gas and coal-fires power plants obsolete. To achieve this, they rely on the smart charging stations and technology developed by Alfen.

Alfen receives 2017 award


Collaborative organisation Vocational Education Labour Market (VELM) chose Alfen as the best learning company for students of intermediate vocational studies in the Technology & Built Environment specialisation. Certified learning companies carry out the practical part of their learning curricula and therefore deliver an important contribution to the future of skilled workmanship.

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