Alfen delivers local energy grid to facilitate the energy supply Koppert’s new facility


Almere, the Netherlands – Koppert Biological Systems, a global player in biological control in horticulture, selected Alfen to supply a smart microgrid for the energy supply to their new facilities. Koppert Biological Systems was recently ranked number one in the Hillenraad100, a list of most prominent companies in the Dutch horticulture sector.

Alfen delivers energy storage system for self-sustainable football stadium


A unique combination of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and energy storage allows visitors of the Cars Jeans football stadium in The Hague to charge their electric vehicles with maximal power from renewable resources.

TheBattery officially taken into use in Czech Republic


At solar farm Prakšice, Solar Global and Alfen opened the first battery energy storage system (BESS) in Czech Republic. The battery system has a capacity of 1.2 MWh and will be used to balance the fluctuating supply of solar energy with demand patterns.

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