Alfen selected by TronderEnergi to deliver energy storage system in Norway


Alfen is selected by TrønderEnergi, one of the largest utility and grid operators in Norway, to deliver a battery energy storage system (BESS). The BESS has a capacity of 548 kWh and can be deployed for different use cases. Initially, the BESS will be located at an agricultural business, providing peakshaving and off-grid services for the existing energy system of a wind turbine and solar PV.

Alfen smart energy solutions enable social workplace, Caparis, to optimise use of self-generated solar.


Alfen has been selected by Dutch social workplace, Caparis, to provide integrated smart grid, electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions at two of its sites in the Netherlands. The projects’ objectives are to maximise use of self-generated solar and promote the use of clean vehicles.

Alfen to deliver micro-grids for two Ecorus solar farms


Alfen was selected by Ecorus, an international solar PV developer and constructor, to deliver local micro-grids and connections to the central power grid for solar PV farms Tholen and Leeksterveld in the Netherlands.

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