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Cooperation grid operator Enexis


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Alfen is, and has been for decades, a knowledgeable and reliable partner for many electricity grid operators, while supplying large numbers of transformer substations to them. This also applies to grid operator Enexis. In close consultation with the customer, Alfen develops and flexibly outfits their stations, so that the grid operator always gets an ideal answer to every specific situation.

Manufacturing these stations, is of course only part of Alfen’s work. Grid operators are also fully unburdened when it comes to transport and placement of these stations. Alfen Transport takes care of these aspects as well, which means that Enexis need not worry about any logistical aspect.


For Enexis, Alfen also regularly builds fully tailored transformer substations, but that’s not all, as Alfen also continuously innovates new solutions for a smart energy grid. One great example, is the Erado grid automation product, a smart box that offers live insights and control features for transformer substations on the internet. Alfen developed this solution, in part, for grid operators such as Enexis.