Alfen EV charging stations power EMO’s electrical delivery vans and shared cars

  • EV charging
  • Van Leeuwen Oplaad B.V.
  • 2022

A trusted partner since 2013, Van Leeuwen Oplaad B.V., relies on Alfen’s integrated solutions to address its clients’ electricity challenges. A prime example is the recent project at Europees Massagoed-Overslagbedrijf B.V. (EMO), where 41 Alfen Eve Single S-lines were installed to charge electrical delivery vans and shared cars. It demonstrates EMO’s unwavering dedication to enable mass EV adoption and support Europe’s transition to a more sustainable future.


Van Leeuwen Oplaad B.V. specialises in providing maintenance and control services, as well as installing charging stations for electric cars. Its expertise extends to serving individuals at home, companies and parking lots, making them experts in the field since the company was established in 2010.

In 2013, port operator EMO, located at Maasvlakte-Rotterdam, approached Van Leeuwen Oplaad B.V. when Renault introduced its Zoe electric cars to the market. Recently, EMO  expanded its sustainable initiatives by incorporating electrical delivery vans into its transportation fleet. To support this move, the company required additional charging stations

“As the demand for electric cars continues to grow, so does the need for efficient and reliable charging stations,” says Tim van Leeuwen, General Director at Van Leeuwen Oplaad B.V. “Together with Alfen, we operate at the heart of the energy transition by providing smart energy solutions that enable the electricity grid of the future.”


The customer's decision to choose Alfen’s charging stations was an easy one, thanks to its highly satisfactory experience with our brand in the past. EMO purchased 41 Alfen Eve Single S-lines with a fixed cable and is currently using about 50 Alfen chargers.

Alfen created special containers  as a customisation to provide additional protection for the chargers from the harsh weather conditions prevalent at the Rotterdam port.

Technical details

The 3 phase S-lines are supplied with fixed cable because the customer has delivery vans and shared cars which all charge at a maximum of 11kW. The  chargers are connected to Alfen’s inhouse developed Smart Charging Network software (SCN) , operating at 250A. This network enables the charge points to synchronise  charging rates and allocate power among the connected electric cars.

In a next phase, Active Load Balancing will be applied  to optimally distribute power between the chargers and other active devices. This means the system will be able to determine the available energy for EV charging. Since there are constant fluctuations, the Alfen chargers will adjust the charging current accordingly. The Active Load Balancing functionality is constantly active, calculating and evaluating what power is available.


Initially, the project began with a set of 10 single chargers. In 2021-2022, the pace picked up rapidly as EMO placed an order for 22 electrical delivery vans and a considerable number of shared cars. They employed an in-house installer for the Alfen chargers who, with guidance from Van Leeuwen Oplaad B.V., completed the entire installation process. “We and our customer EMO are very happy with Alfen’s high-level charging solutions and excellent service,” concludes Tim van Leeuwen. “Thanks to Alfen, we can provide innovative, safe and effective systems that keep our clients like EMO delighted.”

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