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LV Connect & Manage project


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Alfen and Elmtronics supplied smart chargers for North Somerset Council’s fleet electrification which is leading the charge to the electrification of its fleet with the support of Elmtronics - the UK’s largest independent supplier and installer of charge points for electric vehicles (EV) – using intelligent EV chargers from Alfen.

The Department for Transport’s Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) announced in 2018 the Go Ultra Low (GUL) project which aims to convert 25% of all government small van and car fleet, including pool vehicles, to go electric by 2021. In addition, North Somerset Council is charging ahead, having already converted a higher proportion of its fleet to electric – well ahead of the 2021 deadline.

Thanks to nearly £130,000 in funding from the GUL project, the council has converted 48% of its light van and car fleet to electric vehicles and now has 34 electric vehicles available for the staff.