Project details


Smart Grid in Balance


Wageningen, the Netherlands


GreenFlux, Enexis

Generating and harvesting sustainable energy is not a constant process, as it of course depends on the availability of wind and daylight. This leads to peaks and troughs in the availability of energy. To solve this challenge, the peaks are absorbed by TheBattery energy storage system, which stores excess electric energy, so that it can be used on any given moment. This requires smart grid management, as do electric vehicles. This is why Alfen participates in the Smart Grid in Balance project, aimed at maximizing the efficiency of recharging electric vehicles with the Alfen charge points.



The goal is to have electric vehicles absorb the peaks and troughs of the production of sustainable energy, by matching their energy need to it. The Smart Grid in Balance project, therefore connects the offer of decentralized sustainable energy sources, and the energy requirements of electric transportations. This way, smart charge points help to prevent forced and expensive upgrades of the main electricity grid, while electric vehicles are being recharged with fully sustainable energy.

This methodology and its execution in practice, is a cost-saving one that also enables the development of new products and services all across the globe.