09 November 2023

Alfen inks 4-year agreement with EDRI for public EV charging stations in Germany and beyond

Almere, the Netherlands, 9 November 2023 – European energy specialist and EV charge point manufacturer Alfen has signed a 4-year framework agreement with E.ON Drive Infrastructure (EDRI), the pan-European market-leading charge point operator. As countries throughout Europe continue to phase out fossil-based transportation to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, industry frontrunners are enabling a reliable public EV charging infrastructure. According to published reports, Europe needs 65 million EV chargers, including 9 million public chargers, to manage the anticipated growth in EVs by 2035.

“Alfen is delighted that E.ON Drive Infrastructure has also chosen us as its AC hardware supplier and continues our long-term partnership,” said Jan-Anne Hoekstra, Commercial Director for Alfen’s EV Charging Equipment business. “We’re especially proud that our local teams can provide EDRI with the knowledge and the latest technologies they need to help them connect market needs with our products and services.”

EDRI owns and operates EV public charging infrastructure across 10 European countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic. Their mission: to create a sustainable world by ensuring accessible charging solutions for everyone, everywhere to significantly decarbonise traffic and transport. EDRI already manages over 4,000 public charging points and continues to expand its network.

Full portfolio of Alfen's public chargers

For its AC charging stations, EDRI chose Alfen as one of its preferred suppliers for the next 4 years to provide several different types of charging stations. The initial phase is being implemented in public streets throughout Germany. EDRI has installed numerous double socket units for public use, which were part of the first order that included more than 300 of Alfen’s Eve Double PG-line EV charging stations. Among these, 140 will be installed in Berlin, with additional stations deployed in cities such as Dortmund, Essen and Bochum. Alfen’s Eve Double PG-line is an Eichrecht compliant dual socket charger with advanced smart functionality for the public domain, designed for high-volume street environments with 3-phase supply.

Alfen is creating customised chargers to meet EDRI’s needs. For example, Alfen is providing powder-coated grey cabinets to ensure that EDRI meets the city of Berlin’s requirement that all public charging stations are uniform in appearance, with a distinctive grey colour. In other cities, the chargers will be in a darker grey with more prominent branding.

Latest innovation: Twin 5

In countries outside of Germany, EDRI will also use Alfen’s latest innovation, Twin 5, a step forward in the evolution of public charging stations and a clear demonstration of Alfen’s commitment to staying ahead of industry standards. Twin 5 features Plug&Charge, ISO 15118 communications and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) readiness.

In Italy, the first order has been placed for Alfen’s Twin 4XL which offers robust and versatile charging in the public domain.

“Alfen was undoubtedly the logical choice to realise our goals and achieve our shared vision of pioneering solutions. Their expertise and innovative strength will play a decisive role in realising our goal: Charging for everyone, everywhere. Alfen’s more than 15 years of industry experience were essential to our decision. This long track record reflects the in-depth understanding and expertise that Alfen brings to the collaboration,” says Tobias Lange, Product Manager AC at EDRI.

About Alfen

At the heart of Europe’s energy transition from fossil-based to zero carbon to limit climate change by 2050, Alfen specialises in energy solutions for the future. Its integrated smart solutions are helping customers throughout Europe address their electricity challenges and achieve climate neutrality. Alfen continuously builds on its more than 85 years of innovation with its smart grids, energy storage systems and EV charging stations installed in some 30 countries throughout Europe.

2023 marks Alfen’s 15 year anniversary in EV charging innovation. In 2008, Alfen was one of the first companies to start developing charging stations for electric vehicles. Alfen now offers a comprehensive assortment of smart charging stations for home, work and public areas. These charge points are available in a wide range of charging capacities and smart functionalities. They are produced with European components of A-quality in Alfen’s own production facility in the Netherlands. Alfen’s solutions are enabling mass EV adoption and helping to accelerate the energy transition. 

As of August 2023, Alfen has delivered over 592,000 EV charge points throughout Europe, potentially avoiding millions of tonnes in CO₂ emissions. For more information about Alfen, visit us at alfen.com 

About EDRI

E.ON Drive Infrastructure (EDRI) is a pan-European market leading charge point operator owned by the E.ON group. EDRI builds, owns, and operates public charging infrastructure for all types of electric vehicles. The company purpose is to build a sustainable world, by providing charging for everyone, everywhere.

The team currently employs 100 people and operates more than 4,000 public charging points across 10 European countries: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Norway, Italy, Hungary and Romania. Together with location partners EDRI will expand its network by installing 1,000 additional high power charging points per year. For more information please visit: www.edri.com