25 January 2024

Alfen marks first Battery Energy Storage System co-located at Swedish wind farm

Almere, the Netherlands, 25 January 2024 – Alfen, a specialist in innovative energy solutions across Europe, has signed an agreement with Vasa Vind that marks its first battery energy storage system co-located at a Swedish wind farm. Alfen will design, engineer, install and commission a 20MW/20MWh TheBattery Elements energy storage system in connection to one of Vasa Vind’s wind farms by the end of 2024. Alfen will also provide a long-term service agreement to ensure the system runs smoothly, securely and efficiently throughout its lifetime.

“We’re excited to partner with Vasa Vind to install our first battery energy storage system co-located at a wind farm in Sweden and continue to help our customers meet the growing demand for renewable energy,” said Stephanie Schockaert, Commercial Director for Alfen’s Energy Storage Systems business. “Our strong technical expertise in grid management combined with a diversified portfolio of solutions will help Vasa Vind and the Swedish ancillary services market increase stability and flexibility in the local and national power grids.”

Sweden is a renewable energy leader in Europe. The country relied on renewable energy to deliver nearly two-thirds of its energy consumption in 2022. Active in the market since 2008, Vasa Vind is one of Sweden’s leading wind power companies. It develops and invests in new wind farms, solar PV facilities, and battery energy storage solutions. Its wind farms produce more than 1.6 TWh of renewable energy annually – enough power for more than 300,000 households and more than 6% of Sweden’s total wind power production.

TheBattery Elements is Alfen's proven industrial modular energy storage system for stationary applications ranging from 1 to 100MW+ energy storage solutions. The batteries are delivered in smaller, more flexible outdoor units instead of traditional containerised solutions. 

“We are very pleased to take an active role in the rapidly emerging new energy market and to further contribute to the green transition with partners like Alfen,” says Mattias Sjöberg, CEO at Vasa Vind. 

Once operational, Alfen’s energy storage system will connect to the same grid point as the company’s wind farms in the municipality of Strömsund. It will increase stability and flexibility in the power grid, both locally and nationally and be used on the Swedish ancillary services market, including Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR). Moreover, the system will be able to ”black start” the wind farm: if there is a power outage or grid failure, the wind farm can be restarted with energy from Alfen’s energy storage system. 

About Alfen

At the heart of Europe’s energy transition from fossil-based to zero carbon to limit climate change by 2050, Alfen specialises in energy solutions for the future. Its integrated solutions are helping customers throughout Europe address their electricity challenges and achieve climate neutrality. Alfen continuously builds on more than 85 years of innovation with its smart grid solutions, energy storage systems and EV charging stations installed in 30+ countries throughout Europe.

About Alfen’s Energy Storage Systems

Alfen has been developing energy storage systems since 2011 with installations in 9+ European countries, and it has 777+ MWh of energy capacity contracted in 11 European countries. Its solutions are underpinned by 2 key products tailored for different markets and applications but based on the same design principles to ensure optimal performance, flexibility, modularity and longevity. TheBattery Elements is Alfen's proven industrial modular energy storage system for stationary applications ranging from 1 to 100MW+ energy storage solutions. It has a high energy density and can be delivered in modular outdoor building blocks. For more information visit TheBattery Elements.


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