11 December 2023

Alfen signs agreement with Windpark de Plaet to install integrated solutions that will provide 20MWh of storage capacity

Almere, The Netherlands, 11 December 2023 – Alfen, a specialist in innovative energy solutions across Europe, has signed an agreement with Windpark de Plaet to install integrated solutions at Windpark de Plaet in Ooltgensplaat, the Netherlands. These solutions, which include a 20MWh TheBattery Elements energy storage system, will be seamlessly integrated into the existing site by incorporating Alfen’s Diabolo 40H transformer substation. This agreement is another example of how Alfen is helping its customers meet the growing demand for renewable energy and the pressing need to balance electricity supply and demand. 

“We are pleased to work with Green Energy Storage and Windpark de Plaet to install our proven energy storage systems and smart grid solutions in Ooltgensplaat,” said Stephanie Schockaert, Commercial Director for Alfen’s Energy Storage Systems business. “Our deep experience as an energy specialist, strong technical expertise in grid management, and portfolio of integrated solutions will help Windpark de Plaet realize its goal to maximise its existing connection to stabilise the grid and prevent future congestion.”

Completed in 2021, Windpark de Plaet is a wind farm in the southern part of the Netherlands. It has 7 wind turbines that provide 32.4MW of power. With Alfen’s integrated solutions, the Windpark will add nearly 10MW of additional flexible power and 20MWh of installed capacity. The installation is expected to be completed in the summer of 2024. 

Alfen’s integrated solutions include 2 identical battery subsystems with a total of 56 battery racks. The subsystems contain 2 outdoor transformers and 2 inverters, as well as a variety of auxiliary equipment. Alfen’s deep expertise in grid management and smart grid solutions will ensure a seamless integration of complex technologies into the existing site with its well-known Diabolo 40h substation supplied for the project.

“Adding sustainable solutions from Alfen to our wind farm is an incredible moment for us,” said David Mol of Promill and Andries Middelbos of Coöperatie Deltawind, who together own The Plaet BV. “We are excited to work with Alfen to celebrate this agreement and expand our wind farm to include more sustainable solutions to provide power to the communities of Goeree-Overflakkee.”

About Alfen

At the heart of Europe’s energy transition from fossil-based to zero carbon to limit climate change by 2050, Alfen specialises in energy solutions for the future. Its integrated smart solutions are helping customers throughout Europe address their electricity challenges and achieve climate neutrality. Alfen continuously builds on its more than 85 years of innovation with its smart grids, energy storage systems and EV charging stations installed in 30+ countries throughout Europe. For more information, visit us at www.alfen.com

Alfen’s Energy Storage Solutions

Alfen has been developing energy storage systems since 2011 with installations in 9+ European countries, and it has 777+ MWh of energy capacity contracted in 11 European countries. Its solutions are underpinned by 2 key products tailored for different markets and applications but based on the same design principles to ensure optimal performance, flexibility, modularity and longevity. TheBattery Elements is a proven industrial modular energy storage system for stationary applications ranging from 1 to 100MW+. It has high energy density and is delivered in modular outdoor building blocks.