30 May 2024

Alfen’s 20MW/20MWh battery system supports renewable energy and enables a stable grid in Sweden

The Netherlands, 30 May 2024 – Alfen, a battery energy storage specialist for 10+ years, is helping Sweden connect more renewable energy to its electricity grid while also balancing it. Rabbalshede Kraft, one of Sweden’s leading players in renewable energy, will install a 20MW/20MWh Alfen TheBattery Elements system at their wind farm in Femstenaberg. 

With over 300 visitors at a festive site opening last weekend, Rabbalshede Kraft is continuing to develop its first energy park. They will add Alfen’s battery system to their newly opened wind farm, which, together with the other wind farms, are expected to generate a total of 174GWh per year.

During the opening ceremony, the chairmen of two local municipal boards emphasised the importance of renewable electricity production and the significance of wind farms for local industrial initiatives. 

Rabbalshede Kraft’s CEO, Peter Wesslau, announced that Alfen’s battery system will support services to the Swedish electricity transmission system operator Svenska kraftnät and optimise the park’s own operations. 

“Sufficient energy supply is crucial to meet future energy needs,” says Tobias Lundberg, business developer at Rabbalshede Kraft. “With this investment, we can get a more balanced supply to the grid and deliver renewable energy when it is needed, where it is needed.” 

Alfen has extensive experience in energy storage and not only develops and supplies the battery system, but also offers a 10-year service agreement for monitoring and maintenance to ensure long-term operational reliability and efficiency.

“We are proud to see our TheBattery Elements system supporting grid balancing in Sweden, allowing even more renewable energy to be added to the mix”, says Stephanie Schockaert, Commercial Director for Energy Storage Solutions at Alfen. “The Femstenaberg wind farm shows how co-location maximises grid use and minimises energy losses. Excess energy can be stored, keeping turbines running and boosting income.”

Construction of the system is planned to begin in Femstenaberg in autumn 2024, with commissioning of the plant expected in spring 2025. In the future, they plan to add solar power to the energy park too. 

Site opening in Femstenaberg

Invigning vindkraftspark w Alfen

Opening ceremony at Femstenaberg

Site opening in Femstenaberg

Invigning vindkraftspark

There were several festivities

Site opening in Femstenaberg

Invigning vindkraftspark

Over 300 visitors attended the opening